Conversion Reminders

Hey guys! This is my last update before the con with a few detaisl to share. Ill be there before 5 and cyberarcheron will be there the whole con as conops if you guys have any questions.

Ill have the shirts with me in the furry con room if you would liek to purchase one for $15. They are hot and already selling! Limited sizes available.

Fursuiters: Changing will have to take place in the restrooms, but hey ive had worse.

Con starts at 5pm!
Furry room party 8-1am
***Can anyone come around 7 to help set up?***
-we have a fan! ( thanks CV)
-we have disco lights! ( Thanks Darkwolf)
-we have speakers ( Thanks Darkwolf)
- and other fun dance time goodies
-Can someone bring a laptop with a good media player on it to play music? im not too comfortable bringing my new one. Connection cords?
-Thanks for the cool music (Kardane, Whitewolfe, so far)
-artists corner in the furry room is open to all artists. Arrive early to grab a good spot fo sell./trade arts.
-just hang out and have fun! Feel free to donate pop or snacks or prizes for our games such as Limbo competition!

-lots of interestign panels to see!
-costume contest and masquerade followed by a dance all nigth long! Glow sticks people! ( cool down room provided)
-slave auction, im curious rawr!

-yet more cool panels
-fursuit making 101 at 1pm ( by yours truely)

Thanks to everyone so far who has helped. I hope to collect tons of fun pictures and see lots of familiar faces there! Rememebr to be on best behaviour and make a good impression of the furry community on the public.

OK i gotta go finish some work, then im off!
IF you need to contact me at the con, u can call my cell 827-3358. if im in fursuit i likely wont answer but i wont be hard to find either!


Con update

Good news the tshirts have arrived!

They look beautiful! I ordered 30 shirts with 15 people who pre reserved. Shirts are now $15.00 instead of $20.00.

Ill have them at the furry room party on friday night.

If anyone can come early to help set up it would be appreciated!
I think we are ok for lights and sound, but if anyone has any digital mp3's they could bring ( in any form) to plug into my playlist just let me know!

Dont foget fursuit making 101 panel on sunday at 1pm!


Concersion - Sci-Furr Tshirts

I talked to the big tshirt company in town, and i have to get a minimum of 24 tshirts ordered for them to do the screening. Ill do the initial purchase only if i get preorders

Im now takign Pre orders/Reservations for tshirts. The cost will be based on how many people want em. The more, the cheaper. Also if i get under 15 confirmations, i WONT do the order. Im approximateing cost to be between $15-$30

Please let me know on here or email or chat if you want to get a tshirt. Im kind of in a rush here so lets get the Reservations in ASAP!



Hey guys!

Well after pullign some strings, i finally got a fun logo and mascot and even a good name suggestion for this years minicon.

Check it out!


I hope to get some fanstuff made and get a mini program made up for the con. Is anyone interested in a tshirt if i had em made and sold them at a decent price? CONSWAG!! If you have any ideas on stuff let me know. Im going to price out buttons to give out for free as well and see if i can do that.

I understand its a big con on its own and we only have the room for one evening, but does anyone have any suggestions as to mini events we could do?

Heres my suggestions:
Fursuit olympics (Limbo, musical chairs etc.)
Conbadge trading
And my super secret goodiebag of games.... mabye candy for prizes!

I STILL dont have any source on the makings of a dance. So far I think we have a laptop and itunes. No speakers though, and a strobe light. Can anyone help?

Ok, so i need to start a head count here, who is all planning on going? Seriously. Is anyone else booking a room? needing roomies? Who is siuting? This is a free event once you are in the Conversion Convention ( $5 for friday, check their website for details) so why not eh? Depending on the numbers of people who think they are going, I may hold a raffle for a FurrHappens halfsuit or some fursuit parts ( all depends on the numbers).

I hope all you artists jumped on the chance because the Formal artists tables are now full. You can casually make/trade art in the furry con room on Friday night.

Lets get some discussion rolling!


Conversion and art tables

Hey guys! Back from AC and back from working up north ( seriously wa shome for less than 40 hours). If i havent responded to some emails its because i havent had a working computer until now. ( outlook still hates me). Ive had a hectic week and im excited to start enjoying my summer.

if you need a table, there are two ways:
1. Casual in the furry room party: aka grab a chair/table corner and draw your brains out. All comissions must be kept fairly hush and are considered trades and gifts if anyone asks.

2. Email the Conversion Planning comittee and get an official dealers table/submission for art show. ( Im considering submitting a dragon piece perhaps) Heres some info: . Please look there for info. This area is not in my control, its up to YOU to iorganize yourself.

Good news for suiters! We got a jumbo fan! Im still working on a changing area though.

Has anyone already/considering booking their hotel room for the con? its a great idea and your own chillaxin furry piece of privacy at the con i believe.

Conops position needed:
We have had someone step up to help out conversion with the Con-ops potition thank you so much. CV staff were kinda pushy abotu that in order to rapay use of the room. Ill contact you shortly, you will be an important part of this convention.

Still havent heard back from any of my people doign poster works.

I have strobe lights so far for the dance. Can anyone help add to this? Also STILL LOOKING FOR A DJ WITH OWN MUSIC.

Got a few peope onby my side for the panel, write up some ideas!

Thank you to everyone for your emails and help so far, things are going really well.! Please email me with any questions or if you can help out and where you can help in. Ideas? Send em my way! Ill updat the website as soon as i have my acess to my website returned to me.

Silver Out

Con-version minicon update:

Conversion furry mini-con update. OK heres how things are going.
Like i said we have the convention room. I plan to have one side a dance and the other side tables and chairs for our artists and general hang outs.
Heres where i need help:

-I am looking for a DJ, Lights, Speakers, and a way of playign music. Help?
-Ive contacted the owner of the essay for the handbook, they will let me know after antorocon.
-I need someone to help me on the fursuit makign panel AKA someoen to go up with me, I cant do EVERYTHING alone.
-Any artists entering the art show? Better hurry!
-Spread the word people! Lets get some furries from all over attending this con!
-Ill throw in some fursuit comission parts for a raffle.
-No poster as of yet...
-RSVP system? mabye i could do digital conbadges or something.

temp website:

I gotta ask, are you peopel still into this? Im doign a lot of work to make this happen, please let me know I wont be doing it for nothing.


Conversion mini-furr-con update

All are welcome!

Been taking the bull by the horns here. And I have great news! We get
a free room party at the con. If anyone has questions, im the
coordinator for it so send em my way.
Here is the details:

"I am pleased to announce that there will be three "Official" room
parties the night of Friday August 11th.

* Calgary Furries
* Canadian Browncoats: Shindig
* Calgary Star Wars FanForce/501st: Galactic Truce Fest 2006

These parties will be held in the three adjacent panel rooms Friday
night after the Regency dance.
These three rooms will share the Consuite as a common entrance; so all
alcohol will be handled from the suite. This makes things easier for
those running the room parties.
Attendance to these parties will be limited to members, but admission
to Friday night is only $5 at the door.
Decoration of these rooms is encouraged, as long as no permanent or
marking materials are used to fasten them.
The convention may be able to meet some AV requests regarding sound
equipment, but you should plan on providing your own sound system.
We are as of yet unsure if outside food may be brought into these room
parties. That will be announced soon.
Additional room parties will still be held in member's private rooms."

So to get in, if youre a conversion member its free, otherwise be
prepared for 5$ at the door to get in the convention that day. I have
made a logo and a website, and ill try to get some flyers or somethign
printed up in time for the con.

Official mini-con website at:
Ill be updating the website today with this info.

Questions? concerns? Post here or email me silver@...


PS. anyone got piccies from the comic and toy convention last saturday?