Silver Husky (silverlinz) wrote in conwild,
Silver Husky

Down to business

Ok, i dont know who all is reading this, but i hope its enough people.Here is my plan for makign Con-wold a sucess.

For starters we need to organize ourselves. i have heard an overwhelming amount of support and volunteers eager to help out so lets put them to work. We need the following, however the tasks are not limited nor solo to a specific job. Many tasks will requore work from several teams and ALL are expected to get along. Zero drama is the policy here guys. WE NEED 6 PEOPLE MINIMUM TO MAKE THIS CON HAPPEN.

*President - coordinate teams, major events, meetings, CSFFA relations, hotel relations, keep things on track.

*Vice president - assist president with the mentioned above, research other cons, time line and dates,

*Secretary/treasurer -Organize and keep track of documents, also registration funds and con expenses ( ie room/table), raffle, fundraiser

*Meadia Team - logo, badges, webpages, posters, garb, advertizing

*Event Team - panels, room party, dealer table, games, artist kidnapping

*Patron Team ( aka furr wranglers) - pre reg/registration, badges, code of conduct, furr control, legal.

Please guys lets step up to the plate here and join in. The Media, event, and patron teams can have unlimited amounts of volunteers and we can use every ounce of help we can get. if we are organized now, it will be a lit easier to get our con to spin off on its own in a few years. Reply to this and let me know if youre interested in helping out or know someone who would. Im willing to take up the president position and put my neck on the line ( as well as donate to the raffle some fursuit parts hehe) as Ive kinda begun relations with CSFFA and Ive been talking with them a lot.

I urge for a meeting to be planned in unison with the boweekly firry dinners here in calgary, perhaps if the dinner is at 7, we meet at 6 at a nearby coffe shop. Regular meetings are going to be needed and I have lots of tasks for anyone whos willign to help. I have some management help on my side and will do my best to get this going, even if it kills me.

Questions or concerns? email me

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