Wolever Wuff (wolever) wrote in conwild,
Wolever Wuff

Hi there!

I heard about Con-Wild from silverlinz, and I'm quite excited about it. Even though I'm a couple provinces over (about a 12 hour drive away) this will be the closest furry con to me, and I've been looking for a good excuse to visit Calgary. :)

As for planning, organization and volunteering, I'd love to help out. Unfortunately the large distance makes that difficult, but if there's anything that I could do, I'm definitely willing to help to whatever extent I can.

I'm quite familiar with the amount of work it takes to put something like this together. For a few years, I was the president for a local anime convention (Ai-Kon) in Winnipeg. We grew from about 500 attendees to over 1000 in a couple years. It was crazy, but still lots of fun at the same time. I certainly enjoyed doing it. So anyway, I can really appreciate what you're all doing.

Best of luck, and let me know if I could be of any assistance.

- Wolever

P.S. What kind of fursuit events would there be at the con? ;)
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