Silver Husky (silverlinz) wrote in conwild,
Silver Husky

Conversion mini-furr-con update

All are welcome!

Been taking the bull by the horns here. And I have great news! We get
a free room party at the con. If anyone has questions, im the
coordinator for it so send em my way.
Here is the details:

"I am pleased to announce that there will be three "Official" room
parties the night of Friday August 11th.

* Calgary Furries
* Canadian Browncoats: Shindig
* Calgary Star Wars FanForce/501st: Galactic Truce Fest 2006

These parties will be held in the three adjacent panel rooms Friday
night after the Regency dance.
These three rooms will share the Consuite as a common entrance; so all
alcohol will be handled from the suite. This makes things easier for
those running the room parties.
Attendance to these parties will be limited to members, but admission
to Friday night is only $5 at the door.
Decoration of these rooms is encouraged, as long as no permanent or
marking materials are used to fasten them.
The convention may be able to meet some AV requests regarding sound
equipment, but you should plan on providing your own sound system.
We are as of yet unsure if outside food may be brought into these room
parties. That will be announced soon.
Additional room parties will still be held in member's private rooms."

So to get in, if youre a conversion member its free, otherwise be
prepared for 5$ at the door to get in the convention that day. I have
made a logo and a website, and ill try to get some flyers or somethign
printed up in time for the con.

Official mini-con website at:
Ill be updating the website today with this info.

Questions? concerns? Post here or email me silver@...


PS. anyone got piccies from the comic and toy convention last saturday?
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