Silver Husky (silverlinz) wrote in conwild,
Silver Husky

Con-version minicon update:

Conversion furry mini-con update. OK heres how things are going.
Like i said we have the convention room. I plan to have one side a dance and the other side tables and chairs for our artists and general hang outs.
Heres where i need help:

-I am looking for a DJ, Lights, Speakers, and a way of playign music. Help?
-Ive contacted the owner of the essay for the handbook, they will let me know after antorocon.
-I need someone to help me on the fursuit makign panel AKA someoen to go up with me, I cant do EVERYTHING alone.
-Any artists entering the art show? Better hurry!
-Spread the word people! Lets get some furries from all over attending this con!
-Ill throw in some fursuit comission parts for a raffle.
-No poster as of yet...
-RSVP system? mabye i could do digital conbadges or something.

temp website:

I gotta ask, are you peopel still into this? Im doign a lot of work to make this happen, please let me know I wont be doing it for nothing.

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