Silver Husky (silverlinz) wrote in conwild,
Silver Husky

Conversion and art tables

Hey guys! Back from AC and back from working up north ( seriously wa shome for less than 40 hours). If i havent responded to some emails its because i havent had a working computer until now. ( outlook still hates me). Ive had a hectic week and im excited to start enjoying my summer.

if you need a table, there are two ways:
1. Casual in the furry room party: aka grab a chair/table corner and draw your brains out. All comissions must be kept fairly hush and are considered trades and gifts if anyone asks.

2. Email the Conversion Planning comittee and get an official dealers table/submission for art show. ( Im considering submitting a dragon piece perhaps) Heres some info: . Please look there for info. This area is not in my control, its up to YOU to iorganize yourself.

Good news for suiters! We got a jumbo fan! Im still working on a changing area though.

Has anyone already/considering booking their hotel room for the con? its a great idea and your own chillaxin furry piece of privacy at the con i believe.

Conops position needed:
We have had someone step up to help out conversion with the Con-ops potition thank you so much. CV staff were kinda pushy abotu that in order to rapay use of the room. Ill contact you shortly, you will be an important part of this convention.

Still havent heard back from any of my people doign poster works.

I have strobe lights so far for the dance. Can anyone help add to this? Also STILL LOOKING FOR A DJ WITH OWN MUSIC.

Got a few peope onby my side for the panel, write up some ideas!

Thank you to everyone for your emails and help so far, things are going really well.! Please email me with any questions or if you can help out and where you can help in. Ideas? Send em my way! Ill updat the website as soon as i have my acess to my website returned to me.

Silver Out
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