Silver Husky (silverlinz) wrote in conwild,
Silver Husky

Conversion Reminders

Hey guys! This is my last update before the con with a few detaisl to share. Ill be there before 5 and cyberarcheron will be there the whole con as conops if you guys have any questions.

Ill have the shirts with me in the furry con room if you would liek to purchase one for $15. They are hot and already selling! Limited sizes available.

Fursuiters: Changing will have to take place in the restrooms, but hey ive had worse.

Con starts at 5pm!
Furry room party 8-1am
***Can anyone come around 7 to help set up?***
-we have a fan! ( thanks CV)
-we have disco lights! ( Thanks Darkwolf)
-we have speakers ( Thanks Darkwolf)
- and other fun dance time goodies
-Can someone bring a laptop with a good media player on it to play music? im not too comfortable bringing my new one. Connection cords?
-Thanks for the cool music (Kardane, Whitewolfe, so far)
-artists corner in the furry room is open to all artists. Arrive early to grab a good spot fo sell./trade arts.
-just hang out and have fun! Feel free to donate pop or snacks or prizes for our games such as Limbo competition!

-lots of interestign panels to see!
-costume contest and masquerade followed by a dance all nigth long! Glow sticks people! ( cool down room provided)
-slave auction, im curious rawr!

-yet more cool panels
-fursuit making 101 at 1pm ( by yours truely)

Thanks to everyone so far who has helped. I hope to collect tons of fun pictures and see lots of familiar faces there! Rememebr to be on best behaviour and make a good impression of the furry community on the public.

OK i gotta go finish some work, then im off!
IF you need to contact me at the con, u can call my cell 827-3358. if im in fursuit i likely wont answer but i wont be hard to find either!

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